Monday, January 17, 2011


Internet and Network tips and tricks for your iphone

  • Registering your WiFi:

           The answer for  registering your WiFi and locating your position is probably yes!
   Skyhook wps is the service that offers to enable your iPhone or iPod to locate your position via WiFi, in case your Gps is not available,it will give you more accurate results than your cell tower triangulation method.
 The issue along this method is if the router you are connected with is not present in skyhook database,it will not work.
  Dear reader how can we left your problem unsolved thats why after repeatedly searching and trying to find out whats the exact method how to add your router with skyhook database i found it and now i would like to share with you

Go and register your router in skyhook wireless data base, but try to be patient for few days so that the operator can locate your router and may be after few days your router will be listed in skyhook data base.

  • How to get URL hint:
                In your iPhone browser you can press and hold any link which you want to see the URL and its site name

  • Domain suffixes:
                    Hold the ".com" botton you can see a popup bounce with ".net, .edu and  .org" buttons.

now slide your finger on touch panel from them and then release your finger to chose one of them.

  • Resolving domain name:
        When typing in your iPhone browser i.e safari, you don't need to write complete web address but you can just write the body name i.e trymakeseasy instead of

  • How to select an icon for bookmarked webpages in your iPhone:
         The great feature i think which your iPhone offers is to select your own icon image for your bookmarked pages in your safari, its simple load your safari bookmarked pages and press "+" on the screen. Now select the " Add to home option"

   Now you can easily pick up any icon which suits your mood, as the screen shot shows

  • Disabling iPhone 3G GPRS or Edg connection :
          To turn your iPhone 3g and GPRS or Edg connection disable tap "Settings - General -Network - Cellular Data Network". in the "APN  username and password" field type in some words like the image shows,
 your iPhone will not recognize your username and password you entered to the service provider. it will disable your iPhone 3g etc but if necessary restart your iPhone. 

  • Make call from iPhone browser:(safari)
       If you find any phone number in your safari browser while browser you can dial directly from your browser, you don't need to save it or edit it first if you don't like, just tap on the number and your phone will try to access you to the number you dialed.  

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