Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Camera tips and tricks

  • How to save images in safari:
      Saving images from web, is great fun ever to set them as your iPhone screen saver. so, if you see any pictures in the web which suits your eyes you can save it easily to your iPhone directory, you are just required to tap over the picture and hold it, a prompt screen will appear by asking permission, click the "save image" button, the image will be automatically saved to your iPhone directory.

Note: you can also repeat the same process for saving image from mail.

How to take your iPhone screen shot:

          Taking screen shot is also one of the great feature iPhone offers, but it needs a bit trick, which we are going to describe in our post.
         You are required to press the "Home and sleep/wake" buttons and you will hear a click sound, it means you captured your screen shot, the picture will be automatically saved to your iPhone directory.

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